Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Republicans And Libertarians: A Vote Against The People

Here in the US, today is the day to vote. It's pretty sad how many people actually end up voting. I won't be the one saying “this is the most important election of our lives”, which is the same thing said at every election. I think all elections are important and change the course of our country in their own way. What I will tell you is this: don't vote Republican or Libertarian. Make sure you vote progressive.

I tell you not to vote Republican because those guys have already had their chance. From 1994-2006, the Republican party had control of the government and nearly destroyed us all. We saw the ridiculous trial of a president for getting a blowjob, we saw Newt Gingrich try to legislate morality only to end up getting caught in an affair, we saw numerous 'family values - anti-gay' Republicans end up with their dicks inside of other men, the largest terrorist attack on US soil (as much as no one wants to admit it, the Republicans were in control when this happened), the near-collapse of the economy, two wars that are draining the country, an intelligence drought, the rise of the Christian right, etc. etc. etc. They shouldn't be allowed a seat at the table until they can either admit publicly that they only care about businesses and their own wallets or they change their ways and start giving a shit about regular people.

I tell you not to vote for Libertarians because they don't make any sense. I have been assured that all Libertarians want is a small government and personal freedom. But when you look at what bill of goods they are selling, it is nothing more than an anarchist platform. They want no regulations because the “market will correct itself.” In what fucking universe? The country was running awesome back in the early 20th century when we had no oversight of meat production, food production, drug production, labor rights, and economic activities. Take a look at that time period and tell me you want to see the day that we have another 'Great Depression', complete with bread lines and a massive homeless population. The areas in which I agree with Libertarians ends at personal freedom. Hell, I am not sure I would agree 100% with them even on that matter. What the Libertarians end up doing is schilling for big corporations so they can conduct their business with no oversight. If they end up destroying a nation of killing a few thousand people, so what? That would effect the people that aren't rich. 'Pick yourselves up by your bootstraps' they would say. Well, what happens when you don't have any bootstraps?

The bottom line is Republicans and Libertarians don't give a shit about people. They are all selfish children who only care about their money. So, if you want this country to descend further down the spiral, then vote Republican/Libertarian (because they are all essentially the same thing). However, if you actually care about what happens to this nation and the people in it, the VOTE PROGRESSIVE.


  1. Interesting how you use the word "progressive" instead of "Democrat" thus admitting that even the Democrats are crap.

  2. That's because the democrats ARE crap.

  3. its a constant fascination to me how one word means two different things depending on which side of the Atlantic you stand on.

    See over here Libertarian doesnt mean Tea Bagger loon come stealth theocratic twat. Its a sort of sensible moderate socialist...the blokes I vote for.

    Ah yeah...I forgot that word socialist means different things as well. What you call progressives we call middle ground socialists.

    Man your politics is a mess. Heres an idea...try having more than 2 parties. Makes government less likely to gridlock ;-)

    Preach on brother... you make my morning coffee interesting.

    Hope that work thing is working out OK(ish). Dont let the bastards grind you down!

  4. Sandman, thanks for the words of encouragement. I have always been interested in how our two political systems are so different, but contain the same nutty elements, only with different names. The last election in the UK was difficult to keep straight in my head because of the titles of each party. It looked interesting nonetheless.

    Anonymous and Ryan, The Democrats lost me a long time ago. There is very little difference between the democrats and the republicans now, but when it comes down to it, there is no way in hell I would ever vote for a republican.