Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Loves Animals, Hates People

It never fails that checking my Facebook page will get my hackles raised. Of course I only have the need to write and complain when I am annoyed. Today was no disappointment. 

It really isn't important who said what, but what is important is the sentiment that is being conveyed is that the lives of animals are more important than the life of people. If you have an aversion to controversy I would recommend that you stop reading now.

Everyone loves animals. Well, most people who aren't monsters do anyway. They are wonderful creatures. You know what they aren't? More important than human beings.

I have seen people comment on criminals who get caught for various offenses such as abusing animals, torturing animals, fighting animals, and killing animals by saying that the criminals themselves should be tortured, abused, murdered, etc. I am still trying to wrap my head around the idea of placing a human life above the life of an animal. I will not qualify this argument by talking about how much I love animals and how I think people should be punished who abuse them. If that is the only defense one can come up with to this argument then I have no time for the likes of your small mind.

I am infinitely tired of hearing people talk about how much they love animals and how anyone who lays a hand on an animal should be beaten to death or electrocuted or tortured, all while stuffing their fat fucking faces with a burger. Extra cheese please! Does no one see that disconnect? These arguments are also coming from supposed liberals, people who are supposed to have some sort of idea of what is right and what is wrong; people who are supposedly against what we are doing to our prisoners; people who are supposedly against how we treat people in other countries. Bullshit.

These are also the same people who would like to see the likes of Michael Vick erased from existence by the most painful means available. If I recall correctly, Mr. Vick spent a few years in prison for his transgressions. Did he not do his time? Did he not pay his debt to society? Of course, that isn't good enough. We have people in prison for rape, murder, cannibalism, acts against humanity, but fuck those guys. Let 'em rot, right Cletus? But that nigger Michael Vick, he fought dogs. Cut off his dick and feed it to the wolves. Get the rope Cletus; let's string him up!

I cannot take seriously anyone who claims to care about animals and still eats meat and dairy products. Feeding your meat habit is way more harmful to animals than Michael Vick ever though about being. Have you ever seen a dairy? Look at footage from a dairy and tell me you care about animals while you swill down your glass of puss-filled milk and eat your plate full of holocaust eggs.

Or you could shut the fuck up and stop acting like you really care.