Saturday, July 10, 2010

Talking To Idiots

I have recently been in contact with one of my sisters' friends. She felt the need to send me a message (via Facebook) to voice her opinion about me over the billboard issue. I am going to post the conversation (so far) here to let you see the kind of people that we deal with daily here in the South. I have left off her last name so as to not break the law. I apologize for any gushing I do about the military here, but there was a purpose for it. Enjoy!


The title of her message was "remember you grew up believing both"

Brandie ***** ****** July 7 at 11:42pm Report
praying for you
...Please remember that only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you...JESUS CHRIST and the AMERICAN SOLDIER. One died for your soul and the other for your freedom.
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William Warren July 8 at 5:00pm
I am not sure what this message is supposed to mean. I am not sure if you know, but I actually served 5 honorable years in the Marine Corps. Believe it or not, there are quite a few atheist serving the country (and dying). I lost many friends who died serving people who obviously can't tolerate their existence. Tell me, when did you serve the country? I gave up 5 years of my life to do so. What have you done?

The statement of Jesus dying for our sins is making some pretty bold assumptions: a) Jesus was actually divine, b) Jesus was a defining force in my life, and c) we have a soul. Remember, you are making the claim. Since you are making such a claim, I suppose you have an overwhelming amount of evidence. And by evidence, I mean something that would hold up in a court of law, not a "feeling" or "what the bible says". If you have no evidence, all you have is opinion and I would prefer you to keep that to yourself.

As for praying, I would prefer you do something useful. I have never understood that when something bad happens (which being an atheist is not), people hit their knees and start praying instead of actually getting up and going to do something. I would also direct you to your bible, which you hold so dear, to Matthew 6:6 which says "But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you." Again, prayer is an assumption for which there is no evidence. Keep it to yourself.

William Warren July 8 at 5:31pm
P.S. I just noticed the title of this message. I also grew up believing in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. What's your point?

Brandie ***** ******* July 8 at 9:16pm Report
Hey I'm not the the one all over tv expressing "my views" I have strong feeling about my views and so do you. There is a 50% chance I'm right if I'm wrong, know lost. But if I'm right I hate it for you. But just the same I will still say a pray I have found worst things to waste time on. Like reading all that other mess you typed.
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William Warren July 9 at 2:48pm
Yeah, I have been on TV expressing my views of "equality" and "acceptance". What a horrible concept. You need to remember the fact that you sent me a message, I didn't contact you.

You have still avoided the questions that I raised to you that were brought up in your message. Did you send me the message merely to antagonize me? Do you know how many christians I have contacted to try to make them feel bad for their beliefs? None. Zero. For you to attempt to appeal to my childhood and family is down right despicable.

I know the rest of the "mess" that I wrote was horrible for you. It may have made you think. This proves to me that you had nothing to say, just accusations to make. I'll say it again, if that is all you are trying to do, keep it to yourself.

P.S. I am still waiting on the answer to what have you done for the country.

Brandie ******** *********** July 9 at 9:55pm Report
I didn't send the message to antagonize you. I'm not going to debate religion with you. As for my country I respect what it stands for. What did you do its not like you were out fighting for your country . Did you not say a prayer everday and whats on your dog tags? If the usa military and millions of people pray it looks like you are the one attacking our views. With that sign! you just might not say it to there face. Sorry to have bothered you.
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William Warren July 10 at 10:58am
So your definition of someone doing something for this country is going and pulling a trigger or being shot at? You do realize (of course you don't) that there are roughly 2 million members of the military, of which 80% (that's 1.6 million) never see combat? Oh, my dog tags said "USMC" and "Atheist". What do your dog tags say? Oh that's right, you didn't join the military. I am not saying that you have to have been in the military to have done something for this country, but when you say that it's not like I was fighting for my country, I have to know what your definition of defending the nation is? When did you become an expert on the military? I hope the other 1.6 million members of the military whose good names your are disgracing right now can somehow find their way into the graces of "Brandie, Military Expert." I guess I have been forced into a position of justifying my military service to someone who has reasoning problems. Oh, and no, I did not say a prayer every day; or any day for that matter.

Your ridiculous views of "just because so many people do it, it must be right" are laughable. I suppose you think slavery should have been kept around because, you know, all those white people in the majority liked the idea of having black slaves. Read a book and get back to me, because your knowledge of, well, anything up to this point has been somewhat less than a four year old.

If you think putting up a billboard is attacking your beliefs, then your belief system must be as weak as hell. I have to remember though, dealing with thin-skinned people can get a little dicey sometimes. So putting up a billboard is attacking your beliefs? So then I am sure you would agree that someone vandalizing said billboard (which is private property) would be equivalent to all out war? I hope I never see the day when people like you are left in charge. Of course I shouldn't expect you to have even a cursory knowledge of the Bill of Rights, because that would require "learnin'".

What am I afraid to say to someones face, that I think people should be treated equally? I have said a lot worse directly to someone. I don't appreciate being called a coward. I consider the coward the person who would rather bitch at someone over Facebook than call them directly. I am not afraid, nor have I been afraid to speak my mind to anyone. I would consider the long list of death threats from good Christians like yourself to be the ultimate indicator of that. That's the problem though; religious people don't want equality. That is something that I will not tolerate.

You have bothered me a great deal. It has been like talking to an irrational wall. But as long as you keep replying with your child-like retorts, I will continue to spend time trying to decipher what you are trying to say and respond.


That is as far as we have made it. I am not sure she will reply and could honestly care less. What do you think? Would you have handled this situation any differently?


  1. Bravo! I especially like "it may have made you think"
    You handled yourself very well :)

  2. When I left the Army in 2003, my dog tags said "No religious preference." I didn't know that "Atheist" was an option.

  3. HOLY SHIT what an idiot. This is what I can't stand---people who lack even the simple ability to read, process, and respond to an argument. She wasn't even listening, really.

    I think you handled it perfectly---you weren't too mean, and you attempted to keep it simple but I'm afraid it was still too complicated for her. What a stupid cunt.

    I would say "I can't believe she" said X and X and X but actually, I can believe it. And that's sad. Christians love to attack and tear down the person they're trying desperately to "spread Jesus' love" to.

  4. John,
    I had to force the matter, but "Atheist" was allowed.

  5. I agree with you 100% but I do think people listen a bit better if you drop the sarcasm and snark down a tad. It's a VERY hard lesson I've learned and yet I still revert to snark when dealing with people like the lovely but dull Brandie. Plus it makes you look like the better person, which clearly, you are. ;)