Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Like Father, Like Son

I think this video says more about Christians than I ever could. Enjoy Donnie Swaggart, son of Jimmy Swaggart.

Violence, homophobia, racism... sounds like Christianity to me!


  1. These people are completely insane! They make these asinine statements and the brainless sheep follow them. I fear the religious fanatics in this country much more than I fear the religious fanatics from other parts of the world. They are the true clear and present danger.

  2. Isn't this guy the Philistine by definition? Then at the end he talks about his polished 45s...seems like he is courting treason from the pulpit.

  3. He is definitely preaching politics, which makes you wonder why the church hes in still retains its 503 tax fee status.

    Report this to the IRS and ask them to investigate.

  4. Investigating a church requires an order from IRS directors - which pretty much isn't going to happen. Too political and the current head of the IRS Doug Shulman is a bush appointee. He should've been ordered to respond to demonstrate proper handling of complaints against churches and terminated if unable to, but unfortunately there was just so much time burned up. Now if that became an issue, the next nominee would never pass the senate if they didn't swear they WOULDNT go after churches.