Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Anti-Gay Screed Of An Idiot

The blood is boiling. Angry.

Sometimes I hate opening my inbox and finding the new batch of solitary hells that are contained within like some sort of festering cancer. Today was no exception.

The “editor-in-chief” of, John-Henry Westen, spoke to a hoard of anti-choice, anti-gay monsters this week in Italy at what can only be described as a convention of hate. I don’t like bringing any attention to these douche-bags unless it is absolutely necessary, which it seems to be. Here are some choice excerpts from the article.
It is an act of love, he said, for parents to correct and discipline their children. “It is not love,” he said, “to allow your children to rampantly misbehave without correcting them.”

“So too the Church, especially Her shepherds – the fathers of souls - must feed the flock, must teach the truths however difficult and politically incorrect. That is true love.”
So gay people are children who need to be corrected and disciplined. I think the church has had a pretty good display of its discipline for the “wrongdoings” of society, from the Inquisition to the “Kill The Gays” bill in Uganda. Perhaps John-Henry should be addressing the lot of priest who were less interested in correcting their flock than they were “feeding the flock” of children as much of their penises as they could.
Christians, he said, have balked at defending their beliefs in all the areas of concern in the Culture Wars, from abortion, adultery, homosexuality and divorce to human embryonic stem cell research.
Does anyone truly think that the church is quiet on any of these subjects? There is proof about 30 miles from my home that the church is quite vocal on the areas of abortion, homosexuality, and stem cell research. Who is blowing up abortion clinics? Who is attacking gay people? Who couldn’t keep their damned noses out of stem cell research? The church, that’s who.

Take Prop 8 in California, for example. The Mormon Church bankrolled the entire fight against allowing two people who love each other to get married. Before you ask, I do lump all churches in together. Mormons are the same as Muslims are the same as Hindus are the same as Satanists. It all the same bullshit lies and myths with a different Brand Name.

The Catholic Church is the worst offender when it comes to human rights. A group that has a history of fostering hatred for Jews, assisting the Nazis, and raping children should have a better mind to keep their opinions about society to themselves.
Westen posed the question of how Christians can now begin to present their beliefs forthrightly in a culture that is so firmly rejecting them. The answer, he said, is to be found in the Christian principle of love of neighbour. Specifically, the love of those suffering from homosexual temptations and those men and women in the grip of a destructive lifestyle.
I don’t think this guy gets it. Society rejects his beliefs because they are fucking stupid! This isn’t 1500, as much as the church would like it to be, and no one gives a shit about what the church has to say about subjects that they obviously have no idea about. Their version of Christian Love ™ consists of smiling to your face and telling you that you are scum and are going to burn in hell for eternity if you don’t denounce who you are. The only reason that homosexuals are suffering is because of fucking bigots like this guy.

I can’t bring myself to quote any more of this tripe. This is the face of the church. This is what they all think of those who don’t buy in to their bullshit. The problem lies in the fact that people like John-Henry have the ear of many politicians and world leaders. The tragedy is that anyone listens to what he has to say.

What should we do about people like this, if anything?


  1. Continue to stand up and speak the truth, over and over and over. It is what they do with their lies and asinine notions; speak them over and over until they are some kind of "truth". I don't think we can sit back and tell ourselves what these assholes say doesn't matter. We have to stand up and speak out. Otherwise we end up with 13 year old adolescents taking their lives.

  2. Fight tooth and nail my friend, take YOUR country back. The USA that we over the pond used to look up to and admire. The land where Liberty And Justice FOR ALL means something.

    Fight, fight and fight on. Do not go gently...

  3. Anonymous,
    I am always troubled by the amount of airtime these guys get. They scream at the top of their lungs about subjects they do not understand. What is really depressing is realizing that most of the yokels in this country only want the short answer, not the truth.

    I would love nothing more than to get this country off of the crazy train. I wonder how different this place would be if we were still part of the crown. I am not sure that we would be having the same problems. Do you have a version of teabaggers over there?

  4. We dont mate...our politics is pretty moderate stuff by US standards. I guess the British National Party (aka facists) is as bad as we get and they have zero seats.

    See in the UK admitting in an election run up that you are a person of faith means you LOOSE the election. The current Deputy PM is an outspoken atheist, as is the head of the GOP. Here being secular is seen as a virtue. I know we have a state church on paper, but thats it. Theres a campaign to remove the last vestiges of that from govt now and get bishops out of the House of Lords (our second chamber).

    Its not just you and your ilk that want your America back...we in Britain want YOUR America back too. The one we loved and trusted...not scratched our heads at and thought what a f ing madhouse.

    Idiots like Beck, Limbaugh, Palin and O'Donnel arent just a source of amusement over here. They are reasons Britain's joe public want to make every mile of the Atlantic count. We laugh, but they scare the hell out of us with their stupidity and hate.

    Good luck with the fight mate...there are a good few tens of millions of secular Brits standing shoulder to shoulder with you.