Friday, March 4, 2011

Weak Obama vs Homophobic Republican Party Over DOMA

I am glad that the Republicans are doing what they do best: attacking social issues that have nothing to do with them. The Obama Administration has decided that DOMA (the Defense Of Marriage Act) is not constitutional (no shit) because it singles out one group of people (gays) and denies them the right of marriage. It sounds great, but the Justice Department is still enforcing the law. Typical Obama weakness bullshit.

The great part of this is that John Boehner has formed a panel to try to defend the ban on gay marriage. Methinks he does protest too much. Anyway, our great congress will now waste time on stamping out the gay marriage disease just like they had to stamp out the abortion disease and the planned parenthood disease.

Am I the only fucker out there who remembers the Republicans campaigning on jobs?

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