Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Atheist Don't Understand Religion?

What a boring piece of tripe I found on the National Post. Charles Lewis wrote a 'scathing' article against atheists, telling us the he doesn't care what we think. Then he goes on a bitching binge for a few paragraphs about how he is all mad and bothered that atheists criticize religion.
But the debate is useless for one simple reason: most atheists do not have a clue what religion is about. They see religious people as blind sheep following a series of incomprehensible rules and dogmas and then scoff at their lack of enlightenment. They find the flaw in the painting and say it is all now ruined. Atheists are utopians who believe a perfect society can be built if only religion was not in the way.
I skipped over quoting this highly quotable square of toilet paper to make one thing clear: most atheists have been religious and know exactly what it's all about. I am never left without wonder when I here the religious idiots say that 'atheists just don't understand because they don't believe in god.' Well, I don't believe in the tooth fairy or the easter bunny but I can come up with a list of logical reasons why they don't exist without still believing in them. I'm not even sure his statement makes any sense.

Are the religious 'blind sheep following a series of incomprehensible rules and dogmas'? They have had thousands of years to prove they are not and a mountain of evidence that says they are. I will stick with the evidence on this one.

By the way, the way to show that you don't care what someone thinks is not to write an article in the National Post.

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  1. Will, it is annoying that I cannot email you with how awesome I am as a Georgia Pecan, and direct you towards a newfound interwebz relationship.

    I shall settle for blog stalking at the moment until you see the light. You can thank my friend Marie for sending me to you. Merry Christmas!

    (It's so rare to find other Southern Atheists who embrace their Bob-given Southern heritage...well, I just had to.)

    Anyway, this situation has come up for me on a personal level recently on several occasions.

    It's hurtful and frustrating on a different level for me. I wasn't just "religious" I was faithful, born-again, I had a personal relationship with (what I thought at the time was) god. It was a huge part of my life and having it devalued because it's easier to dismiss someone than try to understand them is, well, frustrating.

    If you're interested...
    Dealing with annoying comments from believers