Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Illinois Cross Update

Just an update on this story. Rob Sherman, the atheist who is threatening to sue, met with the "Friends of the Cross" to explain his case. He got the same answer as before of "we will take it under consideration" which means "fuck off." I love this gem:

The words "of peace" on the end of the formal name were also added during the construction phases - set against a social and historical backdrop of the Cold War and Cuban Missile Crisis, he added. The cross was meant to be a symbol of peace for all people, and peace is a secular concept.

So he says that the cross is undeniably a Christian symbol, but it is also the symbol of universal peace. Is this any different in putting "in God we trust" on our money? Just because you say something doesn't make it so. I can prove that this cross wasn't meant as a symbol of peace. Imagine a crescent moon and star monument that had the words "of peace" tacked on to the end of the name. Now give that monument public money.

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  1. Trent here. Will and Hannah, you know me. I'm bored and my wife is elsewhere and I'm drunk as spit, so I'm finally commenting on the many "Southern Atheist Gentleman" posts I see Will throwing up. Hello everyone, I'm a Christian. You two know that though. In regard to the Cross, I don't see it as a symbol of universal peace, even though I believe in it. I see the peace that could be, but there has been too much heeby-jeeby over the MANY years since Christ. I don't see it as the same as putting "In God we trust" on money tough, Will. This nation worked that way many years ago. Should it change... I believe yes. It's not the same, though.