Monday, May 31, 2010

Tulane Professor Proves God Exists With Bible

So crazy it must be true! So this professor, Frank Tipler, has proven that God exists because the Bible tells him so.
"God is the cosmological singularity, out of which the universe sprang. God created the universe, he will guide the universe, and until finally the universe will recollapse into him. The final singularity which is the same as the initial singularity. The cosmological singularity at its fullest extent is, in fact, God."

He claims that his math coincides with Exodus in the bible, describing god referring to himself as "I am that I am" meaning that god is referring to himself as both past and future tense. By his logic this proves that god is with the universe from beginning to end.

First of all, the cosmological singularity is not god. I have never understood the propensity for some of these religious loons to say "oh no, I call the point at which the universe was an infinitesimal point and began a rapid expansion god" or "oh no, I call the laws of nature god". I don't care what you call it, I care about what the actual definition is.

Second, I am not sure I grasp what the second paragraph even means. His math coinciding with Exodus is kind of like saying my math coincides with the baked chicken I had last night for dinner. It is nonsensical.

I wasn't sure if this guy was real. After all, I did read about this as an unsourced story from Rant/Rave. So I did a little digging (by typing this guy's name into the Google search bar) and I found Professor Frank Tipler's website, which is devoted to a book he wrote called, I shit you not, "The Physics of Christianity." I can only surmise that this is what the writer from Rant/Rave got his information and I have to tell you, it is chock full of warm, nausea-inducing, bizarre 'stuff'.
Tipler begins by outlining the basic concepts of physics for the lay reader and brings to light the underlying connections between physics and theology. In a compelling example, he illustrates how the God depicted by the Jews and Christians is completely consistent with the Cosmological Singularity, an entity whose existence is required by physics. His discussion of the scientific possibility of miracles provides an impressive, credible scientific foundation for many of Christianity's most astonishing claims, including the Virgin Birth, the Resurrection, and the Incarnation. He even includes specific outlines for practical experiments that can help prove the validity of the "miracles" at the heart of Christianity.

Wow. This guy is a one man show. This is proof positive that just because you are a professor doesn't mean you can't be bat-shit-crazy. I can only imagine being in one of this guy's classes.


  1. I can't remember if it's Dawkins or Shermer that took on Tipler in one of their books but they pretty much agreed that being intelligent and educated is no guarantee against being dead wrong about this sort of thing.

    I had one of Tipler's books for one of my college texts but it's before he started publishing this crap.

  2. Just checked... it was Michael Shermer who devoted an entire chapter to talking about Tipler in the book, "Why People Believe Weird Things."

  3. I wonder why God Scientists always point to a God in the Judeo-Christian sense. I have this line of weird logic I've sort of absorbed that the existence of atheism proves God via Free Will. Or, it proves that man-as-God created this stipulation as a way to "allow" and "explain" science and Atheism, for lack of a better description (i.e., God is completely man made). But, what about other religions? Yoruba praise? Taoism? Deism? Hinduism? Buddhism? I am sick of the same old "Judeo-Christian" set of believes. "Mythology" some might call it.