Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sanctity Of Marriage, Indeed

Those who shout about the sanctity of marriage are usually the ones who somehow end up violating their own laws. An Anglican minister is being jailed for four years for performing sham marriages for the purpose of immigration.
The Reverend Alex Brown, 61, presided over 360 bogus ceremonies over four years at his small parish church on the south coast of England.

Over that period, the scam, thought to be the biggest of its kind in Britain, involved East European women being paid up to 3,000 pounds ($4,600) a time to help the men, mostly Nigerians, by-pass UK immigration laws and settle in Britain.

Destroying the institute of sacred marriage and making a shit-load of cash at the same time? Say it ain’t so, religious moron!

While the Anglican church has been one of the most forward-thinking cults on gay marriage (trust me, it makes me ill to say), they are still part of the larger religious community who scream about the sanctity of marriage while doing one of four things:

1) Having an affair
2) Raping a Child
3) Having gay sex
4) Shit like this.

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