Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What's All The Fuss?

Randolph A. Heine, the man that owns the land that the Dove Ministries is using to advertise their “Burn A Koran” day says he doesn’t know why people are so upset. “I don’t see what all the fuss is about”, he says.
Heine said he hasn't had a good relationship with the mosque next door to his property, the Hoda Center Academy and has a general mistrust of Islam. He said he doesn't support the plan to burn the book but vehemently supports the church's right to do it.

"He has the right to symbolically protest Muslims, so I don't know what the big fuss is," he said of Jones. "You have to stand by him if you're an American."
I agree, the church has the first amendment right to burn as many Korans as they please. It is as American as apple pie, burning the American flag, protesting soldiers funerals, and building an Islamic community center in New York City.

This church does not have the right to burn these Korans, however, because the fire marshal said no. It is against the law. First amendment rights must be protected, even when we don’t agree with them, but the law must also be respected, which is supposedly an American virtue.

I do not think for one second that Mr. Heine doesn’t know “what all the fuss is about.” Of course he knows, but it is his right to be a moron.


  1. "I agree, the church has the first amendment right to burn as many Korans as they please.It is as American as apple pie, burning the American flag, protesting soldiers funerals, and building an Islamic community center in New York City."

    and tell me my friend just how much American blood are you willing to shed so hate mongers like this can have their freedoms....or shall I ask you that in 12 months when we can count how many more body bags this fucktard and his evil followers have generated?

    when a so called freedom is abused like this, promotes hatred and division, and results in more deaths and fear it isnt a liberty...its a LIABILITY.

    Less freedoms, more common sense.

    Or are you so deluded you think that men like Jefferson, Mason and Adams drafted that Ammendment with hate mongers in mind?

    shame on you, and although it is an awful thing to wish for, I sincerely hope your country reaps the whirlwind for allowing this hate crime to go on and on and on.

    Over in Europe we have a place for fuckers like this....we call it prison, and their proposed act a hate crime.

  2. First, I have to question anyone who hides behind the anonymity of the Internet so severely that they can't even post a phony name or nickname. But that aside, to "Anonymous," I'd say that the moment you limit the freedom of one person, you limit the freedom of everyone. The first amendment of the Constitution of the United States isn't designed to protect the speech we like. It's for protecting the speech we don't like because, every once in a while, it says something that needs to be heard.

    Do I agree with these book burners? Hardly! I think this is a stupid act being done by a bunch of ignorant bigots who'd be better off reading books rather than burning them. But it's not my right to tell them what they can't do when it comes to expressing themselves. I would ask them just what they expect to accomplish other than just giving more reason for people who hate us to do so.

    Will and I both served in the United States armed forces (Will in the Marines and I in the Air Force) so we understand the risks. Anyone who takes that oath and wears a uniform understands that. And if I were still in, I'd accept the risk knowing that it protects the lunatic fringe as well as the thoughtful.

    When it comes to freedom, either we have it or we don't.

  3. On a less serious, more abrasive note, this tweet made me crack a mischievous smile.

  4. Hi Jim

    Im not hiding - I just didnt see the option to enter a name. I go by the nickname Sandman. Forgive me for my inexperience.

    I too served my country - I had to to pay off my University degree as they funded it. I served in the Balkans. Then years later I worked there as part of the UN ICTFY "war crimes" investigation teams. I know what a soldier signs up for, and the committment they make, just as you do.

    I also saw first hand what sort of damage one small act of stupidity can do, and how many dead soldiers and civilians idiocy like this generates. The lashbacks have already started.

    Id have more sympathy for your viewpoint on what constitutes personal liberties if they only ever got US troops or civilians killed. But they dont - they kill my countrymen as well, and troops and civilians of all European nations working as part of the UN teams in Iraq and Afghanistan. They serve as inspiration for radicals in Europe, and result in bombs going off on our streets as well as yours. The lashback has already started....with an attack on a UN base in Afghanistan manned by GERMAN troops.

    I grew up in a country torn apart by 25 years of ongoing sectarian violence that saw bombs going off sometimes on a weekly basis. All done in the name of Catholicism or Protestantism. Roughly the same number of dead as 9/11, except ours came as a slow drip feed of hate, blood and sorrow. All facilitated and promoted by hate mongers who spread fear and lies, and provoked more hate and violence whenever given a public voice.

    And now, do I hate Catholics because members of their religion were mainly the ones setting off the bombs? No.

    Would I protest for or against a church being built near the site of an atrocity like Newry? No.

    Do I think the haters should ever be given a voice? NO!

    Less provocation and hatred, more common sense and compassion. That is what is needed.

    Im sorry Jim, but I cant see your point of defending the haters.I suggest you start getting a grip on idiots who provoke terrorism by burning books, collecting fingers, or painting "Jesus Killed Mohammed" on the sides of Bradleys.

    Those idiotic hate mongers are driving a big fat wedge between you over there and us over here. We are getting sick of paying the blood price for their hatred, and our support and sympathy is fast drying up.

    When we should be standing shoulder to shoulder we are being driven apart...

    And that is the biggest tragedy of all.