Sunday, February 6, 2011

Why Does God Hate Dogs?

Many people throughout history have heard the “voice of God” tell them to do various things from reclaiming their homeland (Joan of Arc) to murdering their children (numerous cases). God always seems to talk to the mentally ill, or at least they seem to be the only ones following his orders. Well, God has seen fit to start a war against dogs and has claimed his first victim.
A Spartanburg County woman told animal control officers God advised her to hang and then burn her nephew's pit bull because it was "a devil dog" and because it had chewed her bible.

Spartanburg County animal control officers said Miriam Fowler Smith, 65, of Pacolet Mills, confessed to wrapping an extension cord around the dog's neck, hanging it from a tree, and then setting it on fire.
Here is a tip for everyone out there who doesn’t have a dog or doesn’t know anything about the dog they may have: they chew things. It isn’t out of any malicious intent; they aren’t the tools of Satan; they are not demons that have come to do the bidding of hell. They are animals and they chew on stuff.

God did not tell this woman to kill a dog. There are no gods, so the idea that this woman heard the voice of god is rubbish. She is obviously insane (my professional medical opinion, and no I am not a doctor). However, it is disconcerting that when people latch on to something like religion and the idea of a god, they become capable of horrible things in the name of said religion or god.

Would she have killed the dog is she wasn’t a Christian? There is no way to know. However, when a group of people fetishize something like the Bible to the point of taking another life if it becomes damaged, then religion was not a helping factor.

I would challenge any of the religionists out there to explain how they believe god talks to them but dismiss cases of mothers killing their children because their god told them to. There is more evidence for a malevolent deity in the Bible than one who whispers sweet nothings into people’s ears and tells them to love one another (except for the gays and brown people, of course).

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  1. "Many people throughout history have heard the “voice of God” tell them to do various things" therefore the Bible isn't true and therefore because many people have thought evolution was true over the years and realized they were wrong, therefore nothing can be trusted, and no human is trustworthy with anything, and because atheists often murder others, therefore all humans are murderers and no humans can be trusted with anyone's life. Learn what circular reasoning and begging the question fallacies are already. Bye moronic time waster.