Tuesday, August 2, 2011

National Debt: FIXED! Crisis: AVERTED! Non-Rich: SCREWED!

Capitulation. Is there anything our president does better? A deal has been reached and passed through both houses of Congress and signed by the president to extend the debt ceiling. Well, problem solved! Crisis averted! All accept the part where the president gave the Republicans nearly everything they wanted and got nothing in return.
The compromise deal to persuade GOP lawmakers to raise the federal debt limit — U.S. borrowing was to collide with it at midnight — will cut federal spending by $2.1 trillion or more over the next decade. But Obama immediately challenged Republicans to accept higher taxes on the wealthy in a second round of deficit cuts this fall. They adamantly refused to accept that idea during the past months' dispute.
What is it with this guy and making demands after a “deal” has already been capitulated to? The president brokered a deal with the Republicans for $2.1 trillion in cuts and the president got was an “I Fucked the American People” t-shirt. Sounds like a good deal.

Challenging the Republicans to accept higher taxes after they have already won is like asking a bank robber to return the money after he has already gotten away with the crime. This guy has to be the absolute worst when it comes to negotiations. Either that or his heart was never in to fighting for the people that put him in office.
"We've got to do everything in our power to grow this economy and put America back to work," the president said, arguing forcefully for including revenue increases as well as spending cuts in the next round of efforts to trim huge government deficits.
You don’t accomplish growing the economy and creating jobs by cutting money out from under the American people. Austerity measures are going to do nothing here but send us back into a recession and possibly into a depression. I am sure that the economy will shrink when the people who were being supported by social programs are all dead.

I had more sources to add to this article and more to say, but honestly I am so tired of being surprised at the level of stupidity/complicity of this administration. Every time the Republicans fight the Democrats (and especially the President) lay down and take the beat like the good little cowards that they are.

What the president has done since day one is worse than anything a Republican president could have done. Obama gave us hope and then rubbed our face in being stupid enough to vote for him. At least with a Republican president we all know what we are getting. There are no surprises when a Republican president fights to attempt to balance the budget with tax cuts and social program cuts.

Take it from me: if you are stupid enough to vote for this dickhole next year then you deserve to lose everything in the coming depression.

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