Saturday, June 12, 2010

Get Rid Of The Ugly Sign

An old church in Charlotte, NC is facing the wrecking ball. Now, we have a pretty good record of tearing down any historical building we can get our hands on here in Charlotte, but this building is falling apart. It needs to come down.

Naturally, people are worried about the old sign on top of the building that says "Jesus Saves". I guess having a church on every corner isn't enough for some people. The sign is gaudy and a waste of time and effort, however, there are some people who want to try to save the sign, restore it, and put it somewhere else.

I have come up with a few suggestions on places that this sign would look great at:
The city dump
Off of the coast of NC to make a coral
Melted down and used in the production of lab equipment
Turned into a sign at a local barber that says "Jesus Shaves"

Picture by DeviantArt

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