Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Mormon Church Is Fined, But It Ain't Enough

The Mormon Church will be fined by California over some undocumented donations that were given to help pass Proposition 8 in California, which was a ban on same-sex marriage. The donations totaled $37,000.00, drawing a fine of $5,538.00. This pales in comparison to the estimated $180,000.00 that the church spent getting Proposition 8 passed and the estimated $20 million that the church took in from good Mormon families to support their practice of bigotry. Compare that to the estimated $5 billion in annual revenue and total assets estimated to be between $25 to $30 billion and you get the picture of just how stupid this fine is.

The Church shouldn't be fined for the unreported donations; they should lose their tax-exempt status. Any church who participated in the fight for Proposition 8 should lose their tax exempt status. One of the deals that the church made in order to not pay taxes was that they could not be politically active. This is not to say that the people of the church can't have an opinion, but the church itself cannot put church money and support behind a bill, candidate, or a proposition. To do so violates the non-profit status of the church and should force them to pay taxes from the day that they decided to start backing legislation that discriminates against a group of people.

Imagine the Baptist Convention putting $180,000.00 behind legislation to outlaw interracial marriage. How about a mosque putting $180,000.00 behind legislation to not allow any non-Muslim within 1 mile of a Mosque. It's all the same. It's all discrimination. If a church uses its tax-free money to get into politics, then it shouldn't be tax-free anymore.

Someone tell me how the Christians are being persecuted again?

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