Monday, November 8, 2010

I don't Think The Pope Is Welcome Anymore

Who doesn't love to watch the Pope, the infallible duke of douche, fall flat when he goes to pay a visit in another country? The dude with the giant hat recently visited Spain, to what was described as sparse crowds and a cool reception by the Prime Minister who pushed the legalization of gay marriage, if that is what you call not showing up to see the Pope.

What was awesome about this visit is the 100 or so gay couples that staged a protest where the pope would be driving through. Their protest? Making out with each other so that Darth Sidious could see them.

I like this kind of protest. Had I been there, I would have joined in.

When will the pope get the point. He didn't get it in the UK and he isn't getting it in Spain: Europe is becoming more secularized and modern. The pope represents the worst parts of our past. Perhaps every city in Europe should have giants signs with a picture of the baggy-eyed wonder with the title "Not Welcome Here."

Does anyone in any European country want a roommate?


  1. I liked the rejoinder from one of our prominant MPs who is an out atheist when, whilst in the UK, the pope compared atheists to nazis:

    "Well he should know all about nazis, as he was one!"

    Sieg Heil Pope Nazi!

  2. Sandman,
    If only the politicians in this country had the balls to do such a thing. If they did, they would more than likely have to go on a world-wide apology tour.