Monday, November 15, 2010

MomLogic: Actually Something Logical

I thought this article I found on MomLogic was going to make me scream, bash my face against the pavement, and set my leg on fire. The title made me cringe in a very uncomfortable way. However, after reading it, it actually gave me a warm fuzzy.
...and I told her something I learned in therapy -- which is my church; the place I seek wisdom. I explained that good and bad exist in all of us. It's not either angels or demons. We choose who we are, we choose our lives and goodness comes to us not because we prayed for it, but because we shared it and reached out for it.
Bravo, godless child. It takes a lot of guts to say there is no god, even more so at the age of 11 (if only I had been so smart/brave at the age of 11). I think the mother did a good job on her part also. I think it is interesting that after years away from the church, the mothers gut reaction was “did I do something wrong?” Brainwashing at its best.


  1. This for so called MOM,PAMELA, RENEE and all the unbelievers out there.Step up and be the “PARENT” and not a spineless jellyfish.You need to teach your kids about OUR LORD,The one and only JESUS CHRIST!

    Of course this was the beginning to one comment..It's impossible to not have some Jesus freak thumping away at their bible shoving their ideals down someone else's throat. Fuck.

  2. Yeah, the same people who want to be left alone to brainwash their children can't seem to keep their opinions to themselves. I expected nothing less.