Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lack Of Basic Understanding Strikes Again!

Lack of basic scientific knowledge has struck again! Some buffoon named Parrish Myers wrote in the Gainesville Times that atheist don't believe in god, but we believe in air, gravity, and magnetism. I think this guy has been listening to too much Insane Clown Posse.
You can't see air, yet you breathe it and it sustains your life. You can't see gravity, but jump off a building and you'll find out just how real it is. Germs are too small to see with the naked eye, but get one and it will make you sick. Magnetism is an invisible force, but it attracts and repels whether we see it or not.

Personally, I have never known anyone who has denied the existence of things such as air, gravity, germs and magnetism. Yet I have known plenty of people who have denied the existence of God. The reason they deny his existence? Because they cannot see him.
OK you troglodyte, here is the difference between the list of things we can't see and god: we can actually observe the effects of gravity directly, we can observe the force of magnetism directly, we know what air is and can observe it, and we can see germs. Anyone with a third grade science education that wasn't given in a Christian school would be able to tell you that. Just so there is no misunderstanding, let me direct you to the Wikipedia entries on air, germs, magnetism, and gravity.

Do you know why you have never met anyone who denied the existence of air, etc? Because we have proof of such things existing. They actually do have a measurable effect on the physical world. What about God? Anything? Can anyone give me any kind of proof that doesn't amount to a feeling they get or some grand delusion that is all in their head? I'll be waiting, but I won't hold my breath.

Atheists are not a group of babies who have yet to develop object permanence. We understand that on a cloudy day that the sun is still there just as we understand that the air we breath is real and the force of gravity is real. I wonder if Parrish Myers would lock himself in a closet somewhere, would anyone believe he still existed? Let's give that experiment a shot.


  1. I have measured air pressure and seen its effects by using it to crush a gas can that had the air removed from it. I have seen germs through a microscope and grown bacterial cultures in Petri dishes. I have measured magnetic fields, seen their effects on iron filings and used them to communicate. I experience the effects of gravity daily. All of these things can be measured and their effects seen in daily experience. God, on the other hand, has no measurable effect that can't be explained through some other phenomenon such as the aforementioned air, germs, magnetism and gravity. Mr. Myers has a failure to grasp very basic ideas of what is and is not detectable and fails to realize that sometimes unseen doesn't mean undetectable.

    There is independently verifiable evidence of these unseen things. There is no independently verifiable evidence for his god or any other god. A small magnet can move a paper clip. I've yet to see a god do this. Bacteria can turn milk into yogurt. When the molecules in my cereal bowl spontaneously turn into yogurt without any bacteria, that will be some evidence. The air can blow my hat off. When my hat lifts off my head and flies across the room with no wind, then I'll give it some consideration.

    You're right, Will. This guy is a buffoon.

  2. Bonus points for using "troglodyte."