Thursday, December 2, 2010

Physicists Have Morons Amongst Them

There was a lecture given this past Tuesday that I am sorry I missed, not that I am anywhere near where the talk was being given. It was a lecture by a physicist named Dr Don DeYoung about... creationism. What, you thought that a physicist would be giving a lecture on physics? What would give you that idea?
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, says Dr. DeYoung, who is a professor, author and current president of the Creation Research Society (CRS), a 1700-member international group that funds research and publishes a peer-reviewed scientific journal. The fact is, the designs of nature are so perfect for their purpose that they have inspired countless innovations over the years.

This phenomenon is one of the topics Dr. DeYoung will present to the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee. ...For this part of his talk, he will draw from his fascinating book 'Discovery of Design: Searching Out the Creator’s Secrets'

I found this interesting, "They say that if you’re looking for a scholar to debate a creationist, don’t bother asking the Physics Department – physicists tend to side with Creation Science."
None of the physicists I know side with creationism, not that that means anything. I am trying to figure out why anyone would listen to this quack just because he has a Ph. D in physics (which someone should get on checking that out to make sure it didn't come from Liberty University). Does the nature of physics give this guy some peep into the mind of gawd? I am a physics student and have yet to see anything that would make me believe in a god.

Besides, what does physics have to do with creationism and god anyway? If there is a god then physics are rendered useless when trying to understand the beginning of the universe. Way to work yourself out of a job.


  1. Iowa State for his Phd, Michigan Tech for his lower degrees. Hes alsoa Master of Divinity...whatever that may be

    Hes an Answers In Genesis follower of the greatest quack merchant of all Ken Hamm

    Fuck him...first question you ask is:

    And your qualifications in BIOLOGY are????


  2. Here is an excellent video explaining what a "real" scientist is, and explaining the actual process of peer review. An excellent video for anyone to watch.

    Peer Review in Science

  3. I've read that out of all the scientist who study life origins, only 0.1% hold on to creationism, and obviously do so out of religious conviction. There are a few who actually had their college educations paid for so they would be 'experts' when fighting for their myth. One was sent by Rev. Moon, but can't think of his name.

  4. He's another creationist fraud who took physics, and answers the test questions correctly, but who doesn't actually believe them. That's why he finished with the non-degree in theology. He's still full of bullshit.

  5. One of the best physics textbooks for undergraduates was written by Frank Tipler. Dr. Tipler happens to be an old Earth creationist and firm believer in the Christian god.

    Is this at odds with the world of physics? I'd say yes. Because physics isn't about finding the answers; it's about asking the questions. The moment any question has an ultimate answer (i.e. god), the questioning ceases. Then it's no longer physics. It's merely stamp collecting.

    Once god enters the equation, all the questioning and seeking becomes moot. At what point do you stop delving for deeper understanding and simply attribute it all to god? Is god quantifiable? Is there a "god constant?"