Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cell phone etiquette, dental work touched by the Lard, and Healthcare reform

This week, I had my camera at the shop and ranted in my downtime. I talk about cell phones, tell a short story from the good ol' days at MorningStar Ministries, and touch on the healthcare vote which will be happening today. Yes, I have ADHD. No, I will not be uploading a video every day, I promise. As much as I hate humanity, I will not inflict my videos on you poor suckers every single day.

Does anybody watch these? And what would you guys like to see?


  1. Glenn Beck is always the person we should listen to. HAHA!

  2. i hate people who talk on cell phones while dealing with people in customer service as well, but it seems like people I haven't talked to in years call me right at the checkout line. If it's not important i don't answer though. It's easier for me to just do that than to answer and say "i can't talk now"

  3. I know WTF? Why the hell would you pick up your phone only to scream at the person (who had no idea it was an inopportune time) "I HAVE TO CALL YOU BACK" and hang up?