Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oklahoma! Where the women are treated like they are mental...

Oklahoma's house of representatives has passed a bill that would require women who chose to have an abortion to fill out a 30 question questionnaire and view an ultrasound of the fetus before the abortion takes place. Why didn't they go ahead and force the woman to watch a live feed of the abortion taking place? This is a perfect example of poor, ignorant women needing old white guys to protect them from themselves.

This could be a great trend, though. Men who receive a vasectomy should be forced to watch other men have their testicles smashed with a hammer. Those who want to eat meat should be forced to watch the slaughter of the animal they are about to eat. Want to buy a car? Enjoy this video of horrible car wrecks.

Here is an idea: how about making women who decide to have children watch a video about the effects of overpopulation. There could be a section that actually shows time-lapsed footage of a child starving to death. Maybe a questionnaire that could see if they are financially stable enough to support a child.

Or, we could accept the fact that it is the choice of the mother. That's just crazy talk, though . After all, they are just women.

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