Friday, March 12, 2010

Life Outside of Earth

It looks like scientists have found the building blocks of life in the Orion Nebula. Take that, creationists.

Of course, this will not sway the faithful. The vast amount of data that we have already collected that proves we are on an old planet in an even older universe; that we share a common ancestor with every living thing on this planet; and that the elements that produce life are not uncommon wasn't enough to sway them before.

I am sure this will do it for them.


  1. I always fantasize about an alien species beaming down to earth, all peaceful of course, and gently breaking it to everybody that they've been around for like gazillions of years or something and they've been watching our shit since it formed and there was/is no god. And all the rational people in the world going "Yes! Finally!" and all the crazy religious people hanging their heads in shame. Yep, that's my fantasy.

  2. How awesome would that be? I am sure they would find some bible verse that mentioned the aliens though.