Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Mixed Bag

Hello heathens! Here's a few items to get you started on this beautiful weekend.

This is brilliant. Tea Party Jesus is a tumblr user who has taken quotes from various douchebag talking heads as well as regular nutjob teabaggers and put them into pictures so that Jesus is speaking them-----kinda puts all that self-satisfied handwringing into perspective.

In other news, Fred Phelps is still a detestable assbag, and this week he and his church protested the funerals of the miners who died in West Virginia, because of course they were just big sinny queers and God smote them and such. This is pretty low, but in my opinion not as low as protesting soldier's funerals, but still.

Also, this lady from National Review Online thinks we should yell at politicians in public, particularly on airplanes:

Justice John Paul Stevens will retire soon. Obama better not fuck this up. Seriously. And what the fuck are conservatives still screaming about "activist judges" for? That's an empty term, a blatant disguise for "anyone who makes decisions we don't like." Anyway, don't fuck this up, man! SERIOUSLY.

And lastly, I'll leave you with this , TPM's coverage of the first few days of the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. Of course there is a combo of insanely funny (guy confusing "mediocre" with "meteoric" when describing Sarah Palin's rise to fame) to really sad (Palin blasting Obama for his supposedly non-existent nuclear strategy. Because we all know hers, right?). Enjoy!

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  1. You know Jesus would want us to nuke anyone who looked at us sideways.