Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tornado Destroys Town, People Praise God

OK. I am going to have to be the bad guy here. Let me start out my saying that this story is horrible. The fact that this town was devistated and that eleven lives were lost is something that I cannot fathom. That being said, I have a few problems with this.

First off, this guy survived "without a scratch". He was also under a communion table, which, if memory serves me correctly, are pretty heavy duty. The fact that this guy made it through without a scratch is hardly a miracle. There have been a lot of people who have made it through a tornado without a scratch.

Second, when this guy talks about "god wrapping his arms" around him, I want to scream. You would think that if god was truly real and benevolent he wouldn't have sent a tornado to level an entire town. What about the people that lost their homes, or their lives!? I guess the people that died didn't fear god enough.

Also, with this being a link to Fox News, check out the comments. They are truly ridiculous, also known as the Fox MO.


  1. I *HATE* when people claim god cared about them so much (over everybody else who died in similar situations) that he intervened to save them. Yes, god is clearly good because he didn't stop the tornado, but he saved one dude. Right.

    Also, I've been in a crash that totaled my car (which didn't even have an airbag) and I walked away "without a scratch." It's called luck.

  2. I get bothered by this sort of thing as well. What does this guy say to the families of people who died in the disaster?

    "Sorry, dude, but clearly God loves me more than the wretched scum he impaled with that fence post."

  3. "God has a plan for your poor husband Eddie---and it includes petitioning fencepost makers to stop producing sharp fence posts! Glory be!!"