Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Giant Cross In Ill. Is A Giant Waste Of Money

I think that goes without saying. Anyway, there is a giant cross in Bald Knob, Ill. that stands 11 stories tall and is in dire need of repair. So the group "Friends of Bald Knob Cross" have been raising money so that it can be restored. Huge waste of money, effort, and time. But who cares? It's not like the state has put any money into the project. As long as it is a private project with private money on private land, there isn't much to be said.

An outspoken Chicago-area atheist who successfully fought Illinois' "moment of silence" in public schools has threatened to sue a group restoring an 11-story cross on southern Illinois' highest point if it doesn't repay $20,000 it got from the state.

Oh. Wait, the state gave them $20,000 for this piece of crap? So, when the state, and the country in general, is facing a huge deficit, public service sector layoffs, and school closing, this group of wayward hillbillies has taken $20,000 of Illinois money to pay for a giant cross?

I think we can find something better to do with the $20,000, like painting all of the trashcans in Alto Pass a darker shade of green.

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  1. I'm all for public funding of public art, especially in a country like America where we have so much wealth. That being said, this is bullshit. Let some rich Christian pay for the damn cross to be repaired. If it's so special to god, why doesn't he just give them the money or miraculously fix it? Why do you need the gub'ment to help you?