Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nuns Being Investigated By Child-Raping Catholic Church

Three groups of nuns in Washington are being investigated for the horrible acts of “feminism and activism.” Well, I guess that the Catholic Church have fixed the whole priests-raping-children problem and can move on to the important things like nuns who don’t want to be treated like shit anymore.

How long are we going to have to suffer these fucking idiots at the Vatican?


  1. That is one of the evil reasons they want women to have children where they can abuse them. I was abused as a child, still have gross issues because of it. I would rather have been aborted then be a child and have to inticipate sex every day. Pro lifers, are pro child soldiers, pro child sex slaves, pro child rape. Why have a baby that wont be well taken care of just to have eighty years of toxic physical and emotional pain. My great grand mother was a arphan she was raped when she was little, she went crazy. It was horrible she was never happy and always scared. My cousin recently killed him self because he was raped when he was little. People dont think about kids once they are born one day of pain is better then years of pain. I wish more people cared about kids after they are born and tried to kepp them from getting raped. Do you think the religious right are making more atheist then christians? They made me one.

  2. That is horrible! Have you talked to a therapist?
    I agree, it's disgusting that adults fail children like this. I've seen it in non-Catholic churches too, authority figures that abuse their positions and everything gets swept under the rug so long as they move on. It's infuriating.