Sunday, May 2, 2010

When People Don't Mind Their Own Business

Today, my wife and I took my parents to lunch for their anniversary. After dropping my wife and daughter off at the front door of the restaurant, I had to find a parking space which happened to be near the end of the parking lot. On my walk towards the restaurant, I passed a lady who said to me "a socialist t-shirt?!" I was, in fact, wear my t-shirt that says "Socialist" in big, red letters across the chest. My only reply was "yep", then I continued to walk inside. My wife was passing my at the time because she had left her jacket in the car. My wife asked the lady "what is wrong with his shirt?" to which the lady replied "if you don't know, then you don't have the time in the day!" I guess it would have taken the lady that long to explain the ills of socialism to my wife. The lady continued to her car and left.

After I talked things over with my wife and parents, it was obvious I should have confronted the lady. Not jumping down her throat, but more of a confrontation of "what's it to you?" Why is it that people can't keep their comments to themselves? I have seen many people wearing shirts or sporting bumper stickers that say horrible things against socialists, liberals, democrats, whatever isn't tea-baggish. I don't way a word to them because it is their prerogative to wear whatever they please.

This reminds me a lot of the atheist billboard campaigns of late. It is OK to post up billboards that speak of people going to hell and how god doesn't like group X for Y reason. However, as soon as a billboard is put up that says basically "Atheists exist", a reign of fire is brought down. It is clear that the groups out their like the tea-baggers and the religious (is there really any difference?) only want freedom of their speech and to hell with everyone else.


  1. let me show you the end results of this particular *ONE-DIMENSIONAL SCIENTIFIC MODE*
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  2. Uh...did you mean to put that on the Boobquake post? And what the fuck are you smoking?

  3. I think I will leave that comment. It speaks volumes.

  4. I say "i like your shirt" or bumpersticker or whatever if I do, but I never comment if I disagree.

  5. The only times I've willfully engaged in a conversation with a stranger because I disagreed with what their shirt said or whatever have been at rallies and protests, where that behavior is completely normal.

    I think it would have to be something pretty offensive to get me to say something. And I'm not easily offended. Thinking about that makes me think of all the time people have been offended and said things to me for what I was wearing, or even for having a tattoo. Fucking crybaby dipshits that can't keep their mouths shut! What the fuck makes them think everybody in the world wants their dumbass opinion?