Friday, May 21, 2010

Prayer Comes To Greensboro, NC

Greensboro Mayor Bill Knight has decided to replace the moment of silence before city council meetings with prayer. He is being inclusive and offering to let people of many faiths offer the invocation.

He took office in December and said the prayer is an opportunity to exercise faith without tying government to religion.

I have an idea: practice your faith all day long, then when you come to a city council meeting, conduct actual business. Why do Christians have to have some semblance of religion in every aspect of their lives? And why do they constantly feel the need to force a prayer on everyone else?

Look, prayer is not effective. It does nothing but make some pious Americans feel good about their ridiculous beliefs and piss off everyone else. How about we use the time at city council meetings to actually do business. I, for one, am sick of Christians trying to make every building they enter into their church. Come into my house and pray. See what happens.

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