Thursday, March 25, 2010

California, VOTE YES!

In November, California will get the chance to legalize marijuana!!! The arguments against doing so are lame. Even if it does raise the hackles at the White House, at least the question will be out in the public again. If California votes to legalize in their state, they should be left alone. All you states-rights kids out their should be all over this one.


  1. I love how it seems they only care about the bottom line. Now that they are in such a budget shortfall they want to legalize it for the tax revenue. They should just legalize it because there's no reason to keep it illegal.

    ...haven't they thought about all the drug dealers who will now be unemployed?

    Hopefully they release all the people doing time for dealing pot.

  2. Hahaha Grace, I never thought of that. "Think of those poor unemployed dealers."