Sunday, March 14, 2010

Israel Punches the US in the Mouth

On a recent trip to Israel, Vice-President Joe Biden and the US was embarrassed when, while talking about peace with the Palestinians, the Israeli Government decided to announce plans to establish a new neighborhood in Jerusalem consisting of 1,600 housing units. The area of Jerusalem that they decided to build in is a disputed Arab area of East Jerusalem.

Now, after Secretary of State Clinton verbally bitch-slapped the Israeli Government over their actions, the Israeli’s are getting a little uncomfortable. They were flummoxed that their greatest ally would dare speak to them in such a way. The Israeli Prime Minister is now telling everyone to calm down and try to work things out.

First off, the conservative government of Israel is out of their minds. They didn’t even try to hide the fact that they were going to build the neighborhood, and waited until the Vice-President was in tow to make the announcement. What does that tell you about what they think of the US? Sure, they will take our aide and support and give us the middle finger in return. What is it with these conservative governments fulfilling their own versions of manifest destiny? It seems that conservatives are the same the world over: jackasses who think the world revolves around their own awesome country.

Secondly, why do we continue to support Israel? I have seen no reason for the continued effort to help bring peace to a country that obviously doesn’t want it. The Israeli’s have treated the Palestinians like crap for a long time. This is not to say that the Palestinians haven’t been complicit in some of the violence in the region, but come on now. There is a such thing as a proportional response. Remember a few years ago when the Lebanese fired a few rockets into Israel? Terrible I know. A lot of people were killed. But what was the response of the Israeli government? Take over the entire country (which they damn near did). This is what you get when you have unlimited support from the Bush Administration.

Finally, I love this quote from Prime Minister Netanyahu:
"Israel and the U.S. have mutual interests," Netanyahu told the Cabinet, then pointedly added, "but we will act according to the vital interests of the state of Israel."

What mutual interests do we share with Israel? They seem hell-bent on creating an environment in the middle-east that is friendly only to themselves and no one else. What mutual interests do we share with a country that is trying to push an entire people into the sea? Well, we definitely share something in common with them. It is reminiscent of how the US has treated, and still treats the Native Americans. So here is what the US should say to the Israeli’s: “Fine, act according to your national interests. You can do it without any of our money or help. As of now, your US aide is cancelled; no US company will be allowed to do business with you; your accounts held in US banks are now frozen. Have a nice day.”

We will see where this all ends up. If history is any indicator, especially with this administration, then it will obviously end with an apology from the US and a blind eye towards the plight of the Palestinians.


  1. I think we should stop supporting Israel. There's a nice chunk of change that could go towards health care or education....

    but we must keep people on their biblically deeded land. *rolleyes*

  2. Grace, you never know when Jebus might come back. We have to keep his hometown secure in the event of the Rapture and the 1000 year reign and all.