Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Culture Campaign Attacks Lady Gaga

If there is one thing I hate more than the vapid morons at Fox News, it is these fake “family values” groups who seem to have an opinion on just about everything; everything accept their own families. As seen in the video, the Culture Campaign has decided that Lady Gaga’s new video for the song “Telephone” is too much. Who could have seen this coming?

I would like to begin by saying “who cares if she is wearing a bikini?” Since when does something that is worn on a regular basis by just about every woman at the beach constitute a comment from the Fox News “anchor”? I am sure that Megan Kelly has worn a bikini in her time. I am sure it was fantastic also. I digress.

This Sandy Rios creature is unreal. She has to speculate whether Lady Gaga has a cock or not, all because she had a scene in a video of her having a penis and having it cut off. Does this lady think that everything in a music video is a direct translation of real life? If that is the case, sign me up for the Sir Mix-a-lot reality.

She seems to be making the argument that this video, and anything like it, is destroying the fabric of America and the Family. This is the same tired argument that was put forth by Tipper Gore and her ilk. Guess what? We listened to 2 Live Crew and NWA and we are all OK. She has a skewed perspective, obviously from her religious affiliation, of what a great society should be. Please, don’t make me point out all of the sexual tripe from that rag you call the Bible. These people are so insecure with their bodies that it drives me up the wall. Who cares if Lady Gaga shows her ass in a music video? If your child sees someones ass, they will be fine. Their little brains won’t explode.

The thing that upset me the most over the piece of “reporting” was that this Sandy Rios creature was allowed to just say whatever came off the top of her empty head without challenge. She makes up a statistic about “85% of all sexual predators”(you know, the ones that rape and kill little girls) being involved in “some kind of porn”. Where is her source on this? I want to see some kind of proof that this is the case. Since we can just make up statistics, I will say that 103% of people think that Sandy Rios is a lying maniac. Who needs to back up their statistical claims. Hey lady, most men watch porn. Does that mean we are all rapists?

The bottom line is that this lady is just another in a long line of defenders of the wholesome society. We must protect the children, eliminate all art, eliminate all objects of sexuality, dress our women in Hijab, pray 5 times a day, and never think an impure thought. Oh wait, wrong religion. Something tells me the irony of what this lady wants and what Taliban-controlled Afghanistan had will be lost on her.

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