Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ohio, what is wrong with you?

My favorite overgrown Oompah-Loompha John Boehner has played his hand, and is going to end up loosing. The Columbus Dispatch wrote an OK article on how Boehner has become the voice of the Republican Party and is taking them... somewhere. There were a few parts of this article that were laughable.

Former Republican congressman David Hobson of Springfield said the speech helped Boehner "5,000 percent" with House Republicans, adding that "John is a stronger leader in the party today. I think he still has the ability to work with the Democrats. He's not an extremist."

He isn't an extremist, I agree. He is an opportunist. He saw a way to steer the Luddites that compose his party down the road to crazyville. However, I don't think he understood exactly how much of a frenzy that the masses would be worked up to. Regardless, he has done so and is still trying to channel the anger of his party into repealing the health care bill.

This anger is no good. The people are lashing out against everything; breaking windows in congressional offices, screaming racial epithets at members of congress, faking an anthrax letter to Anthony Weiner, and threatening the family members of congressmen. This has got to stop. As long as people like John Boehner are allowed to continue fomenting this anger, there are going to be more acts of violence that are going to escalate until someone ends up dead.

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