Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Pope is a Bastard

The Pope is under fire for ignoring the information that a priest in Wisconsin had molested over 200 deaf boys.

I can't take this guy anymore. Essentially what happened is that while this ghoul was a cardinal, he covered up molestation cases by shifting the child-rapists around to rehabilitate them. Instead of calling in the authorities, the church just moved the priests to a new location so they could, guess what, rape again.

This particular case from Wisconsin is interesting in that there is evidence that Cardinal Ratzinger knew exactly what was going on. He received a copy of a letter sent from Archbishop Weakland to the Vatican. There is a paper trail.

So this fiend, Lawrence Murphy, raped over 200 deaf boys and received nothing more than relocation.

There are other parts of this article that I can't even write about. I am so sick of talking about the Vatican and their child-raping hoards. Suffice it to say that the catholic church is a ghoulish organization that is headed up by one of the worst people in modern times. Why people continue to buy into this shit is beyond me.

At times like this, I almost wish their was a such thing as hell. I am afraid that it wouldn't be a fitting enough punishment for this bastard.

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