Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lamest. Show. Evar!

Man, I love the Jersey Shore. It is a commentary on modern society, a look into the lives of the mindless, and a train wreck of alcohol and bodily fluids. It is seriously one of the worst displays of "humanity" I have ever seen. Could there be anything worse?
A free concert promoting "PTL," or praise the lord, took place near where the cast of MTV's "Jersey Shore" enjoy "GTL," or the gym, tan and laundry lifestyle.

The Move the Earth ministry organized a "Jesus Shore" event Monday on the Seaside Heights boardwalk as an alternative to the "fighting and fornicating" organizers say the reality TV show celebrates.

Abundant Grace Church Pastor Anthony Storino says they're not against the TV program. But Storino says there's another side to the Jersey shore.

The concert featured Christian bands and a Christian-themed tattoo contest. Vendors also sold Christian books and T-shirts.

Well, I stand corrected. No word from the three people that showed up on how the show was.

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