Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Name Game

Imagine for one moment that you are a police officer. You catch someone speeding and pull them over. When you ask to see the man behind the wheels’ drivers’ license, you notice that the name reads “One Nation Under God.” Would you take it seriously or would you think this was a fake ID or you were possibly dealing with a lunatic?

A man in Waukegan, IL has changed his name to “One Nation Under God.” The story gets stranger, believe it or not. His name before he changed it? “In God We Trust.” Despite how insane this guy sounds, he has a perfectly cromulant reason for doing so.

Under God, 59, said he's making the name changes to draw attention to the need for the Christian "unity" America had in the 1950s and because of the loss of "religious freedoms" in the United States, including school prayer.

Ah yes, the good ol’ days of the 1950’s, back when blacks knew their place was in the cotton fields and in a different, more disgusting bathroom that was separate from the whites; when women were treated like property instead of like an equal human being; when the children could run and play in the streets because they knew that the Klan was watching over them to keep the black people out of the neighborhood. But everyone went to church every Sunday and atheists didn’t exist.

“ONUG” is not drawing any attention to the perceived loss of religious freedom, he is drawing attention to himself and the lengths he will go to prove that he is crazy.

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