Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We Bringin' Guns

So, this church has decided they are going to burn a bunch of Qurons in Gainesville, FL. The Fire Marshal stepped in a said “no way.” So what did the church do? What all churches do! They decided to say to hell with the Fire Marshal and said they are going to burn the books anyway. Aside from circumventing the law and the images of the Nuremburg Rallies that may cross your mind, it is their right to do so. What isn’t their right is what has followed.

Dove World Outreach Center Pastor Terry Jones has accepted the support of Right Wing Extreme, which he said offered to come to the church with between 500 and 2,000 men on September 11. He described the organization as an armed civilian militia group.

"There is a need for this protection. It is absolutely necessary in light of the death and terror threats we have received," Jones said in an e-mail to CNN.

"We have met with the FBI who have warned us of the threats they have seen, not only against us but against other targets in Florida. We have personally received threats by phone and many by mail," he said.

Threats against these insane fundamentalists are unacceptable, but having an armed right-wing group that is actually called Right Wing Extreme to come “patrol” your stupid rally is, well, stupid! What do you think is going to happen when you have a bunch of crazed hillbillies with guns “protecting” a church group from protesters? I imagine the police are going to be there anyway. Hell, there are probably going to be a few tossing the books onto the pyre.

I await the body count.

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