Saturday, May 8, 2010

Faith-Healing Catholic Insanity

A priest in Australia tried to heal a mentally handicapped girl by laying her out on the alter and commanding her to walk. I have this image of some addled old man standing over some screaming girl going "Walk, damn you! Walk!" There were some very interesting observations made by Monsignor O'Loughlin, though.
Monsignor O'Loughlin said Westerners had a more logical outlook and tended to turn to the spiritual when they could not understand concepts in other ways.

You mean to tell me that people turn to the supernatural when they don't understand how something actually works? No shit.

However, as funny as this may seem, there is a part of this story that angered me a great deal.
"Then the priest just left her there and went back to the microphone and the wailing went on for at least 15 minutes."

The people in the church let this mentally handicapped girl lay on the alter and scream for 15 minutes? What kind of sick bastards are they? Did they get some sort of sick pleasure out of having this girls screams fill the church? I am pretty sure I would have knocked this old man down and taken the girl out of the church. But I wouldn't be bat-shit crazy enough to have my child in a church, especially a catholic church.


The last guy was doing it wrong. Here is a guy in Kentucky that is healing people in his church all the time. Someone call the hospitals and let them know that they can close their doors. They are not needed now that we have a "real" faith healer.
He says faith healing was like a "calling within a calling." As a young priest in 1972, Father McAlear was asked to pray over a very ill woman in Buffalo, NY. Her family begged the priest to actually heal her.

Father McAlear recalls, "I gave her a blessing, I touched her head, and darn if she wasn't healed -- instantaneously, miraculously in front of my eyes."

Instantaneous healing? That is awesome. It would be even better if it weren't a total load of shit. This is a great example of throwing out random prayers over huge amounts of people and when, by coincidence, a person gets better,then it must have been Gawd.

It is interesting that these people never give specifics on these supposed healings.
It would be an exercise in futility to attempt any kind of statistical analysis or investigation of father McAlear's results. It is quite literally a matter of faith. You either believe it or you don't.

No, it isn't a matter of faith. It is either a fact or it is not. It is either true, or it is not. It is either a lie, or it is not. Guess which way I am leaning.


  1. I'll readily believe any faith healer as soon as they heal an amputee.