Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rand Paul And The Christian Nation™

Rand Paul has finally found the problem with America. The problem is the laws we use. The Constitution is crap and so is the government. I know, he is running for office so that he can work in the government that he wants to abolish, which is a little like pimping yourself out to end prostitution. But why the hell should that stop him?!

Getting back to the point, our laws are the problem. What would really make this country run great is if we were all Christians. Why? Because Christians have the monopoly on Morality™.

I'm a Christian. We go to the Presbyterian Church. My wife’s a Deacon there and we’ve gone there ever since we came to town. I see that Christianity and values is the basis of our society. . . . 98% of us won’t murder people, won’t steal, won’t break the law and it helps a society to have that religious underpinning. You still need to have the laws but I think it helps to have a people who believe in law and order and who have a moral compass or a moral basis for their day to day life.

That is the dumbest point I have ever heard made. Where does he get these facts? Since we don't need any actual research to back up our numbers, I will say that 98% of the population won't murder people, won't steal, and won't break the law. I will also say that 100% of the people that vote for or agree with Rand Paul are bigoted idiots who want nothing more than a great white anarchist America.


  1. Yeah, because there are TOTALLY no Christians in jail. None. Zip.

  2. You said, it Hannah!

    And 98% of Middle Eastern desert deities will murder people.