Thursday, May 6, 2010

Republican Purge?

We were watching Real Time the other night, with guests Chris Matthews, who alternates between screaming and laughing like a really happy baby, some frisky economics lady who couldn't get to her point, and fucking asshat Ross Douthat who needs to die in a freak Vespa accident. Anyway, they talked about stuff. The thing I wanted to talk about that they talked about was governor of Florida Charlie Crist, who will be running as an Independent this fall instead of a Republican. Matthews and Maher think that the Republican party is purging moderates; this guy that I randomly found (at Newsbusters, so beware nutjobbery, oh it is there) think they're morons. Crist is not alone: Tom Marsh, running for governor of Connecticut, jumped as well. Not that running as Independent really means much; it's really just a cover mostly for people (white dudes) who consider themselves conservative but don't want to be seen with the mouth-foamers and be racist by association.

Maybe Crist is intentionally abandoning what everyone knows is a dying party; maybe he did have his funding pulled and was forced out. Whatever the case, it does seem pretty obvious (and this is mentioned in the Real Time episode) that the Republicans who are in power, with what has been going on in Arizona , Nebraska, etc, are completely alienating Hispanics, women, gays, other growing minority groups, hell, pretty much everybody except fat white xenophobic guys that cling to their guns with Cheeto-encrusted fingers.

Not that I'm upset about that---go for it guys! Destroy yourselves! The faster you go away the better.

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  1. I just became a atheist liberal, I was a baptist republican. The religious right is why I dont like the gop and now know most christians are hateful. I think them and their god prove that god is heartless.

  2. Well, modern Republican policies certainly aren't very charitable: fuck the poor, deny them contraception, education, and healthcare and then blame them for everything, all while handing out money to the rich.

    I just don't see how they could take an honest look at America, see the growing number of immigrants from all over, the growing number of people not afraid to come out as gay, and still try to fight against that so obviously. It's political suicide. These people are not going away! Wouldn't you at least try to sucker them into voting with you?

  3. Hannah, I would argue that that isn't a modern republican policy. They have been that way forever.