Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Girl Fired Over Facebook Status

A local pizza restaurant Brixx in the uptown area of Charlotte has fired a waitress because of her Facebook status. It needs to be made clear that she updated her status after work, so this has nothing to do with theft of company time.

What happened was she complained on her status about some customers she had that basically camped out at her table for 3 hours, causing her to have to stay an hour after her shift was supposed to be over, and then only gave her a five dollar tip.

When she got home, she went on Facebook. "Thanks for eating at Brixx," she
wrote, "you cheap piece of ---- camper."

Now, I think people are too quick to assume they deserve a tip. Who don't know the whole story. She may have given horrible service. I have worked in the food service industry and know how easy it is to neglect your customers. However, that has nothing to do with her being angry. She didn't spit or scream or hit the customers. She waited until she got home and and vented on her Facebook account.

You can't fire someone for exercising their 1st Amendment rights. So for that, I will continue my boycott of Brixx, which started because they have shitty Pizza.


  1. hahahahahahaha

    Brixx does have shitty pizza.

  2. You know, I think firing may have been a bit much, but then again, she mentioned the place by name. Lesson: Carefully consider what you post on Facebook - or at least be sure to make such a post accessible only to your non-work friends.

    That said, the pizza is both shitty and overpriced.

  3. Why did she have to stay? I've had servers change before. Sounds like she had a shitty boss too