Monday, April 26, 2010


Sorry I have been neglecting both of the people that read this blog, but it is finals week and I am trying to finish up an extremely long research paper.

In the mean time, enjoy this piece of work by Fox News about the Boobquake. Fox is at the point, at least in my mind, that even if they are just trying to make a joke, they are bad at it. Sometimes, I wish they would all go away.

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  1. For fuck's sake. I wrote a piece about it on Smirk because it was everywhere, but I wasn't really "into" Boobquake---but these bitches with the backlash, come on (Brainquake)!! I mean, I get what they're saying (as far as sexualization of women), but it just seems like a bunch of bitching about who's more feminist. And so much of it is just perception.

    When I was in college (in FU, the student feminist group), we were sitting around talking about makeup---I was in a phase where I had cut my hair really short and didn't wear makeup---and I was talking about how liberating it was, how much more free time I had, how I felt better about my face in general. But another girl was offended at what I had said, and felt I was shitting all over women who wear makeup, and that she wore makeup because she liked to experiment with different looks, that she didn't feel "un-liberated" at all. We were both right; we each had our own experience. Maybe some women felt empowered by Boobquake; maybe some didn't. No need to scream and cry about it or rob some blogger of her feminist badge. And have your Brainquake, whatever.