Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lakeland, Florida City Council Meeting 'Hijacked' By Atheists

In what would be the first instance of atheists hijacking anything (it is usually the religious hijacking thinks like planes and trains), a city council meeting in Lakeland, Florida was brought to a halt after atheists 'hijacked' the meeting. That would be awesome if that is what happened.

What seems to have really happened is that the city council didn't like the fact that the Atheists of Florida were protesting the prayer before the city council meeting because it is unconstitutional. Then a member of the audience told (screamed at) the atheists that they had no right to speak. That is when the city council called the police.

Seriously people, stop doing unconstitutional shit during your meetings and this won't be a problem. The atheists were exercising their first amendment rights and were quieted when the council didn't like the results. Instead of allowing public discourse, the hick town council just shut the atheists down.

Discrimination: Absolutely.

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  1. Speaking of praying, when I was visiting my family for Easter this weekend it reminded me how obnoxious it is to expect everyone around you to stop moving and be silent while you talk to a non-existent person. And even if they know you don't believe, they still insist, because apparently "respecting other's beliefs" means "passively participate."