Monday, April 5, 2010

The Child Raping Saga Continues

Yet another rapist has been identified in the catholic church. "Father" Joseph Pavanivel Jeyapaul is accused of taking a 16-year old girl into the rectory least he "kill her entire family" where he forced her to perform oral sex.

So this guy comes in and demands a blow job from a 16-year old girl under penalty of death. There is a serious problem when none of this is a surprise. However, this wasn't something that happened 30 years ago. This is from 2004. I want you to take a stab at what the Vatican did. They decided not to try the accused rapist even in their own shitty "court" of god.

Of course, according to the logic of Bill Donahue, this girl wasn't molested by a pedophile since she was post-pubescent at the time of the rape. So that should make it all better.

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  1. I'm still confused about why that isn't statutory rape. It's only statutory rape when both parties actually want to have sex but their parents don't, but just part of religion when the kid doesn't want to have sex but the parents think it's ok?