Sunday, April 11, 2010

Not Sure Why Anyone With a Brain/Conscience Would Still Be Catholic...

Last week, Catholic League president Bill Donahue went on CNN so he could do us all a favor and say this on live TV: that the pedophile priests involved in the ongoing scandal were gay because molesting children is "what gays do." Are you fucking kidding me? How is this argument still in the public sphere? Yeah, that makes total sense, gay dudes love men, so why wouldn't they love boys even more? That's how it works, right? Hey, straight guys, you love women, so doesn't it follow that you'd really like a little girl? Yeah, I thought so! Homophobes are always quick to blame gays for abuse; unfortunately when you consider the rate of abuse and violence against women and children, straight men are the most common culprits.

So yeah, it's probably just those damn gays sneaking around in priest's robes, that's all.

Or you could be a total moron (and ugly to boot!) like Ross Douthat and write worthless columns blaming abuse on the sexual revolution.

Gee, how hard is it to come up with this summary: priests are trusted figures who are placed on a pedestal and given too much influence and power over young people, so sometimes bad priests take advantage of their position and harm children.

And for a bit of funny, Cardinal Angelo Sodano managed to simultaneously apologize for the Pope comparing the Church's molestation scandal to the fucking Holocaust because he is an evil Nazi asshole while blatantly dismissing the allegations as "petty gossip" (the exact words the Pope himself used to describe the situation days earlier). Yep, children being fucked physically and psychologically by grown men is just petty gossip. Hopefully it'll all blow over.

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  1. I wonder if all of those child-rapists who have to register at the sheriffs office would consider what they did as "petty gossip." I guess if I was a child-raping dirt-worshiper, I would want people to think it was petty gossip also.