Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Congress Defends The National Day Of Prayer™

Congress has come out to *gasp* defend the National Day of Prayer™. What an unsurprising move from a group of people who have nothing better to do with their time than to support people talking to themselves. Says professional ninnyhammer Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA as if it would be anywhere else):
"What brings us together today is a misguided court decision which threatens the longstanding tradition of this country. I urge the Obama administration to appeal this decision and to dedicate the best and brightest minds of the Justice Department to this case."

I sure am glad they have solved all of the problems in this country. Now we can devote the "best and brightest minds of the Justice Department" to appealing a case of mass-schizophrenia. Prisoner Abuse: Solved. Mercenary Groups: Incarcerated. Militias: Disbanded. Corporate Fraud: Extinct. Setting aside one day a year for the president to call on the citizens of this country to act like buffoons: next on the docket.

Here is another gem from former (thank jebus) Rep. Tony Hall (D-OH):
"When we have a problem, we pass a bill. Imagine what it would happen in Washington if [we] prayed together. The American people want that."

I can imagine what would happen. NOTHING! Exactly what happens every time a group of people get together, close their eyes, and chant to invisible sky daddy. Like the old saying goes: nothing fails like prayer. Oh, sorry man, what the American people want is a government that doesn't waist time and money on stupid issues. That is, unless you are a teabagger.

Someone help me.

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  1. Unfortunately since Obama will never admit that he's not really a Christian and doesn't give two shits about religion, we'll probably continue to see conciliatory wastes of time like this.