Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nebraska Hearts Fetuses, Sucks Balls

So people in Nebraska are crazy and hate women, and have been passing all kinds of awful legislation restricting abortion. Feministing sums everything up; first up, LB 594 "..requires doctors to screen women for mental and physical problems that could pose as a "risk" after getting an abortion." Because women are morons, and can't be trusted to make their own decisions, and are obviously crazy for wanting an abortion in the first place. Amanda Marcott at RH Reality Check wrote a great piece explaining the misogynist mindset behind this weird bill.

Then, there's the new fetal pain debacle. This is really scary, because they're basically saying "fuck you" to Supreme Court precedent and trying to establish a new standard limiting factor on abortion, one that is completely unsupported by science. Ms. Marcott (this time at Slate) again explains in detail why this is such a problem.

I've gotten into heated arguments (at parties, yeah I'm that girl) about abortion rights being chipped away, and I'm always treated like a hyperventilating hussy making a big deal out of nothing. "Roe vs. Wade will never be overturned," I am assured time and time again. But when I see stories like this in the news, constantly, it gives me panic attacks. And it seems the anti-choicers just seem to keep coming, always have more money flowing in, always marching around with their giant fetus pictures. Ugh. I think I'm gonna go have some quiet time and think about my vagina and uterus and reassure myself that they do and will always belong to me. Good thing I don't live in Nebraska.

UPDATE! Oklahoma wanted to join Nebraska in its mind-numbingly stupid quest to control women's bodies. Monday, five bills were approved by the state senate that are basically designed to make getting an abortion a harder, annoying, convoluted process. Apparently, a woman in need of an abortion needs to be bullied into looking at ultrasound pictures of her fetus, you know, just cause. These kinds of overreaching laws are posited by people who say they care about women, but really they only care about restricting or flat out ending abortion, and doing everything they can to invade in the life of a woman that is seeking to undergo that very personal procedure.

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  1. It is so annoying just how much time and effort is wasted to pass laws against something they can't ban instead of passing laws that actually matter.