Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The 70's Caused Catholic Priests To Rape Kids

Over the insanity of the holiday, I missed this horrific, stupid, and disgusting story about our favorite head-pedophile, Pope Benedict. The problem of pedophilia in the church was not due to an environment that put men in too much control of children while telling them that they can't have sex. No no, it was due to the society of the 70's.
Victims of clerical sex abuse have reacted furiously to Pope Benedict's claim yesterday that paedophilia wasn't considered an “absolute evil” as recently as the 1970s.

In his traditional Christmas address yesterday to cardinals and officials working in Rome, Pope Benedict XVI also claimed that child pornography was increasingly considered “normal” by society.

“In the 1970s, paedophilia was theorised as something fully in conformity with man and even with children,” the Pope said.
I am going to try to remain calm here. Fucking children has never been considered normal by modern society. It hasn't been considered normal to anyone accept the whole child-raping lot of priests who made it normal in their own cloistered lives. There my have been free love in the 70's that spilled over from the 60's, but it didn't translate to children. What kind of society does the pope live in? Oh, that's right; he is the head of the whole child-raping institution.

This man is a ghoul. Instead of taking responsibility for the string of abuse scandals, the Pope has decided to shift the blame from one thing to another. “It's the 60's. No, it's the 70's. No, it's because of atheists.” Tell me, what part of 70's society makes you want to rub your penis on a child? Was it the Vietnam War, the Nixon Administration, the flattening of the economy, the massive loss of jobs, or the oil shortage?

You had better find somewhere else to shift the blame, because the press is coming for you.
The latest controversy comes as the German magazine Der Spiegel continues to investigate the Pope's role in allowing a known paedophile priest to work with children in the early 1980s.
I know it will never happen, but how awesome would it be to see this guy put on trial for facilitating a known child rapist?

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  1. One can get away with anything, so long as you are hiding behind religions skirt.