Sunday, January 2, 2011

Keep Your Voices Down, Lest We Wake The Baby Stig.

Top Gear. (My favorite television program of all time) has caused a religious outcry. “They‘re picking on me.” The three amigos known as Jeremy Clarkson, James May, & Richard Hammond the hosts of the UK’s BBC2 television program have upset two different religious groups in a recent episode.

In the episode the trio was issued the task of making the exact same journey across the desert that the supposed wise men had taken to see the new born king. I have not yet seen the episode as here in the US we are always about a season or two behind the UK. But I do know that two scenes in question observe. 
Clarkson and Hammond dressed in Niqabs, a version of the burqa covering everything but the eyes, while filming a segment in the Middle Eastern country of Syria. 9News

In this scene from the show's Boxing Day special, presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May step into the nativity to present the baby Jesus with gifts. When the blanket in the manger is removed, the presenters are shocked to see the baby dressed in a racing helmet and jumpsuit in the style of Top Gear regular The Stig. 9News

There you have it. What do you think? Did they cross any lines?. Let’s see what the critics think…

"The burqa is a symbol of our religion and people should not make jokes about it in any way," he was quoted by the Daily Mail as saying. "It would have been equally bad even if they'd not been in a country mainly populated by Muslims."  - Controversial Islamic activist Anjem Choudary
“I can see Muslims have a right to complain about the light-hearted treatment of burqas, but what about Jeremy Clarkson pretending to be Jesus Christ and having a nativity scene with The Stig as the baby Jesus," - Viewer Tony Stephens

Muslims have never been able to take a joke so their reaction isn’t really all that shocking. You Christians on the other hand, I’m seriously disappointed in you. The baby Jesus was only a baby Stig. He could have been Stillborn baby Jesus. Now that would have been offensive.  The Stig is an iconic character from the program who is held as a hero and loved by all. If there is a Jesus, I bet he gets it. He thinks its funny too.

When you’re a scheme as big as Christianity you have to acknowledge and be prepared for parody, and as far as parody goes this one really isn’t that bad. I would have honestly thought you were the bigger person if you have embraced the joke for what it is, a joke. Its funny and hardly offensive. It’s not supposed to discredit you or what you believe, there is enough of that in the bible. This was a just a surprise ending that had huge merit with us Top Gear diehards. And on that bombshell it is time to end.

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