Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Compromise Worthy Of Obama

Remember the rabbis in Israel that signed a letter stating that no one should rent or sell to a non-Jew? Well, one of their own has decided to try to come up with a compromise. Wait, What? How do you compromise with people who are only interested in driving non-Jews out of Israel and taking over their homes, which requires force in many cases?
He said his draft opens by expressing reservations about the letter's call for "what sounds like" discrimination against Arabs. It then declares Israel to be "a Jewish state, the place of the Jewish people" and says the state must safeguard Jews' right to their country by "acting against hostile elements that seek to exploit the principle of equality ... to exercise the 'right of return' and expel us from our country."
No, it doesn’t sound like discrimination, it is discrimination. It is fucking racism and is disgusting to see Jews, of all people, to be participating in such vile acts. If Israel is a Jewish state for Jewish people, then all funding needs to be cut off immediately. Perhaps they can find strictly Jewish money to fund their country. If you have a group of Palestinians driven from their homes, there should be nothing but a right of return. A person losing their mind over losing their home to invaders is not an exploitation of equality, it is justice. How many Jewish neighborhoods have been razed and taken over by Palestinians? I would guess that at the rate of construction and how fast the Gaza Strip is shrinking, not too many.

Israel needs to start being treated like Apartheid South Africa, because that is exactly what it has become.

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  1. "Israel needs to start being treated like Apartheid South Africa, because that is exactly what it has become."

    Well said sir! The abused have truly become the abusers. And that the US and UK fund their facism and make mealy mouthed apologies for their hate crimes makes me sick to the core. Switch off all funding now say I.

    Incidentally, you are not anti-semitic you are anti-Zionist. And that is not racism...its common sense and human decency. Israel is a digusting pariah state and should be treated like one.