Tuesday, January 11, 2011

All Kinds Of Gay-Crazy!

There is going to be an earthquake in California. I know, I know. It’s kind of like predicting a hurricane is going to hit Florida or the Panthers are going to have a losing season. It’s definitely going to happen. However this earthquake is going to be caused by… wait for it… Gay People!
Yesterday, January 4th, I was called by a key intercessor in Santa Ynez. (Please note as you proceed, yesterday was the same day prop 8 was sent to the California Supreme Court) She reported two visions from separate individuals in the area:

A pastor of a large Nazarene Church had a dream of a very large earthquake on the central coast. He shared this at the Christmas gathering for all the Santa Maria Pastors and 5 cities area. Because of the destruction and intensity of the quake he thought he should tell the Pastors so they could pray into it.

Another intercessor in the area had a dream and saw a map of California. She noticed on the map how Pt. Conception juts out into the water. As she looked she saw an 8 with a circle beside it in the waters off Pt Conception.
So remember California, when Prop 8 is repealed and then an earthquake hits (they didn’t give a specific timeframe, but believe them, it’s coming), you can feel safe in blaming it on the gays. It’s true, God said so.


  1. Blaming the gays for earthquakes is so 700 Club. Get original, geez.

  2. Get a life man ! When you can't understand something, then don't try to juge it! The reaction of your body is the same than straight guy but with guys. You can't control this reaction and the feeling inside you. Can you control an allergic reaction ?! Can you control an erection ? And when having sex with a women is such a hard annoying task then it's time to face the reality ... You are gay man. And if you try to hide it like many sad men then you'll be sad for the rest of your life. Stop basing your life and saying that the religion is the truth!! Tons of things said in that book is bullshit ! And just to remind you, there is tons of religion and they never say the same thing Does been ourself and happy shouldn't be the priority ?